Finding the time

I wish there was more time in the day.  About 8 hours worth!  There is always something else to do before my head hits the pillow.  It is super hard trying to find the time to be a full time mommy – even though my kids are older – I still have mommy duties, + housewife and family situations – I am full time employee of my day job, and photographer.  The most important thing is my family.  They do come first.  So on the weekends, when I am not shooting, my time is theirs.  No editing, no emails.  (Well, mostly no emails) Hey, I deserve regular days off too, don’t I?  Although, I do not always follow that.  But, on Monday – that is dinner at my mother-in-laws.  So Mondays are off limits – ALWAYS.   

Speaking of finding time – I will be changing my pricing system, SOON.  So any clients who are interested in that shoot through the summer or early fall – book now while the current pricing is in place.  Now if I can just find the time to get it done!  

And no post is complete without a photo.  I want to share an awesome image from last week.  🙂   These Seniors were awesome!  Congratulations guys!!Image


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