Roslyn Minis

Starting the Roslyn Mini Sessions began as a one/two day event, and quickly spread into a six day event!  I have done minis before, but I did not know exactly what I was getting myself into when accepting multiple days.  Did I forget I had other obligations too?  Like watching my grandson, working my M-F job and other photo obligations in between?  No, not really.  I scheduled these sessions pretty well.  Left time for editing them.  Had a schedule.  Projected time for completion was 2-3 weeks.  I did manage to keep to this for the most part though.  I may have had one or two sessions that were extended by a day or so because I had bad internet connectivity while in FL, but I did it!  I already cannot wait for the next set of minis.  And for fall, I have another awesome spot!  Cannot wait to share!  I will be doing beach minis as well as one or two other spots through the year.

So while this set of minis brought on three months of working seven days a week and lots of sleepless nights – the images captured were fun, and some I just cannot stop staring at!  The colors!  The kids!  The parents!  I never had such an enormous amount of parents participate before!  I must say I love it!  I am hooked.  I want more!

Now that the holidays are over, I can officially share more images with you!  I will try to post from each session that I am allowed to post, but it is almost impossible due to the amount of sessions completed!  (30 I think!!!)  This will come in a few posts.

And away we go!

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I want to thank Nicole Ciccione for helping me arrange the madness.  You are my rock when it comes to this photography thing!