Lenora & Mike | New York Wedding Photographer

They first met a long time ago, he was her brothers’s friend,  both not realizing what was to become. One day, hanging out because they both didn’t have much to do –  swimming, rollerblading and shooting –  little did they know a that a fun hang out between friends actually became their first “date”.   She would have said yes had he proposed right there.

A room full of candles, leading her right to him, he proposed.  Totally romantic in my book.  About a year later, they made it official.  They could not be more different and that is what makes them work, but they both try to make the other happy!  Isn’t that what love is?

Lenora & Mike planned their wedding in Staten Island.  She wanted outdoors, and he wanted indoors (AC!).  Nicotra’s Ballroom was the perfect mix of both!   A totally awesome day for a totally awesome couple.  Cocktail hour was amazing.  Anyone that puts Lobster Ravioli on their menu is OK in my book!  Followed by a great reception.  Someone was always on the dance floor.  Lastly, Venetian hour.  Oh, the decadence!

I am excited that I can share a piece of their day here.

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One thought on “Lenora & Mike | New York Wedding Photographer

  1. The party, venue, cocktail hour, food, music amazing! It was a great party that everyone will remember.
    Most important is the obvious love and friendship these two share. We welcome Lenora to our family
    and the love and care she showers on Mike. They are perfect together💕💕💕💕.

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