Nassau County Family Photographer | Lucas Travis’ 1st Birthday Party

This weekend I attended Lucas’ first birthday party.  I normally don’t get to post more personal items, but I hope to get to post more often!  This family here, has grown close to my heart, and I am so super happy I got to attend.

It all started with a family Christmas session.  We fell in love, and the rest was history.

Love, not in the typical together sense, but in a very strong bonded friendship that will be around for many years.  Take a look at their first session.  Nicole was only just pregnant with Antonio!  How small Ayden was!!!!!!  These steps, I fell in love with!  1111

We started a tradition that year.  Someone ALWAYS wears the grandfather’s Santa hat.


I have been able to watch this family grow on both sides.  I can’t believe how fast time passes!  When Antonio was born, he gave me the best smiles.newborn-12-horzweb

Here’s the hat again!  And some of the best


We decided to do a family photo last year.  Lucas is in this photo too!  😉  holiday15-13a-1web

Then, Lucas Travis was born!  lucastravis-42



Finally – the reason we are all here this week!  Lucas turns ONE!  Happy Birthday sweet boy.  The party was held at Patrizia’s of Long Island.  I didn’t even know that they did parties here like this!  The tall ceilings and big windows created gorgeous light.  img_0030-vertwebimg_0012-horzwebimg_0009-horzwebimg_0010-horzweb

Entertainment?  SURE!  Georgie Porgie the Magician is the BEST there is!  He entertains kids and adults alike!img_0072-horzwebimg_0173-tilewebimg_0147webimg_0057-tilewebimg_0266webimg_0126webimg_0103-tilewebimg_0268webimg_0285webimg_0350-horzwebimg_0437webimg_0434webimg_0430webimg_0417webimg_0382web

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Lucas!

Those interested in party coverage, or newborn and family sessions, please use the contact tab on this page, or email me here.


2 thoughts on “Nassau County Family Photographer | Lucas Travis’ 1st Birthday Party

  1. love the photos of Lucas 1st birthday. You took a photo of Lucas and me I didn’t see it in your Collage of party photos. I really like to have that photo. Please let me know. Plus I was unable to retrieve all that family photos you took for me last year. is there any way to pull those up. thank you. Nicole’s Dad.

    1. Absolutely. I will email the link when I get home from work. I didn’t go through all the images yet from the party. Just picked a few. No worries! I’ll make sure it gets over to you as well now that I have your email. 😀

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