Zayne | Queens, Nassau & Suffolk Baptism Photographer

Yes fans, posts are far and few in between here on the blog!  Truth is, I have been so busy, that I have not been able to sit here to write and post.  Going to try something new, starting with Zayne’s Christening.  I won’t say what it is just yet, just to make sure that I can do it!  😉  Stay tuned.

Before we get to the reason I am posting, what do I include in Baptism coverage you ask?  Well, every single Baptism is different.  There are similar aspects to each day, but the story is always different.  Whether you have lots of details, or just a few  – you can be sure I capture it all.  I love the details!

The normal day starts off with me coming to your home.  I capture all the details, outfit, shoes, etc. & baby getting dressed.  Sometimes we start family photos there, or we head off to church to try and capture family photos ahead of time.  In my experience,  it is best to try early.  Babies tend to get annoyed at all the extra attention, and I would rather try before that happens!   Next I capture the ceremony.  Now, all churches are different.  I have covered ceremonies where I can walk anywhere I want, to not being able to move at all.  This can mean not being able to get close to my subjects.  Additionally, sometimes flash is not allowed, and in a dark church, this could be potential disaster.  My equipment and skill ensure that we can capture your ceremony near, or far. Finally, the party.  If you have a DJ, and a bigger party, I recommend four hours of party coverage.  If you have a sit down dinner without a DJ, but would still like party coverage, I recommend my two hour party option.

What do you get?  All edited images, available to download directly to your computer, a shareable online gallery, and memories to last a lifetime!   How many images would you get?  I don’t limit the amount of images.  The amount of images all depends on what happens in your story.  Email me, and we can talk details!

Now, on to Zayne’s big day with proud parents Gregory & Bridgette, and big sister Zofiya.   Surrounded by family and friends, Zayne was baptized at Holy Child Jesus Church in Richmond Hill.

 A child to enjoy
As a gift from above
To be Christened with water
And brought up with love


If you are interested in event photography done by me, please email me using the contact option here on the blog!


Cousins Baptism | NJ/Beacon Baptism Photographer

There is nothing more special than when cousins can share a Baptism day.  I have had the honor of photographing a few sets of cousins who are a few months apart through the years.  They always grow up to be best of friends.

It started with perfect dresses.  One made from a wedding dress, the other worn by her mom & aunts.



Dressing multiple babies can be tricky.  Especially when one is mobile!


One thing is for sure, these babies will grow up loved.