Roslyn Minis

Starting the Roslyn Mini Sessions began as a one/two day event, and quickly spread into a six day event!  I have done minis before, but I did not know exactly what I was getting myself into when accepting multiple days.  Did I forget I had other obligations too?  Like watching my grandson, working my M-F job and other photo obligations in between?  No, not really.  I scheduled these sessions pretty well.  Left time for editing them.  Had a schedule.  Projected time for completion was 2-3 weeks.  I did manage to keep to this for the most part though.  I may have had one or two sessions that were extended by a day or so because I had bad internet connectivity while in FL, but I did it!  I already cannot wait for the next set of minis.  And for fall, I have another awesome spot!  Cannot wait to share!  I will be doing beach minis as well as one or two other spots through the year.

So while this set of minis brought on three months of working seven days a week and lots of sleepless nights – the images captured were fun, and some I just cannot stop staring at!  The colors!  The kids!  The parents!  I never had such an enormous amount of parents participate before!  I must say I love it!  I am hooked.  I want more!

Now that the holidays are over, I can officially share more images with you!  I will try to post from each session that I am allowed to post, but it is almost impossible due to the amount of sessions completed!  (30 I think!!!)  This will come in a few posts.

And away we go!

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I want to thank Nicole Ciccione for helping me arrange the madness.  You are my rock when it comes to this photography thing!


It’s been awhile!!

My blog posts are so few and between. I really do want to get on a schedule – but I find it virtually impossible to do that being as busy as I have been! Oh my, what a summer!!  This is a good thing though! While keeping busy with sessions, parties, baptisms and such, I managed to go on two vacations. TWO! Two real vacations! Count them internet!! 1! 2!
First, my kids and I took a 6 hour plane ride into Long Beach California. My husband decided to visit his brother, so we took advantage and did all the running around that he does not like to do. Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, Six Flags Magic Mountain, SeaWorld San Diego, Knott’s Berry Farm, Legoland California (So not for us!) – loads of fun firsts! I cannot wait to go back one day.
Second vacation was for my hubby and I alone. We ventured the open sea on Disney Dream. It was a magical four nights. LOVED. EVERY. SECOND. Internet, if you ever doubted that a Disney cruise would be for you – well, you are wrong! It is for everyone! Then we visited his brother for a few days before flying back home. Good times! :
SO, I have no idea how long it will be before I post again, but until then, check out the Facebook page!


Finding the time

I wish there was more time in the day.  About 8 hours worth!  There is always something else to do before my head hits the pillow.  It is super hard trying to find the time to be a full time mommy – even though my kids are older – I still have mommy duties, + housewife and family situations – I am full time employee of my day job, and photographer.  The most important thing is my family.  They do come first.  So on the weekends, when I am not shooting, my time is theirs.  No editing, no emails.  (Well, mostly no emails) Hey, I deserve regular days off too, don’t I?  Although, I do not always follow that.  But, on Monday – that is dinner at my mother-in-laws.  So Mondays are off limits – ALWAYS.   

Speaking of finding time – I will be changing my pricing system, SOON.  So any clients who are interested in that shoot through the summer or early fall – book now while the current pricing is in place.  Now if I can just find the time to get it done!  

And no post is complete without a photo.  I want to share an awesome image from last week.  🙂   These Seniors were awesome!  Congratulations guys!!Image

Hello world!

Well, here I am again!  It has been several months since my last blog post.  I knew that I did not like blogger, and the features that it allowed.  I was bound to a certain width.  I did not want that.  So I finally am doing the Word Press thing.  Granted, it is the free one to see if I like it, but hopefully I have found a place to call my own.  🙂   So while I am looking around, please excuse the “mess”, as I try to figure out how I want to decorate the place.  I do know I do not want to display the pictures the way I see them here… (thumbnails) – hopefully I get that striaght soon!

All the items I have missed since my last post, it would be hard to catch up.  So – I will start here, with Adrianna’s Christening day.  I loved all the little details that her parents had.  From her dress, to the party favors.  Those big eyes – such a cutie!