LasSana Mini Sessions 2017

You know it is a big event when minis must be presented in a blog post.  This year will be the year of the mini for me.  I have decided that I love shooting so much – I will be offering them more often than usual.  But not just your average snapshots!  These sessions can be brought right to your own back yard too.  Make sure you stay through til the end of this post to see more on that.

Now who is ready to find out what types of sessions will be scheduled this year?  You can totally book those now!

JULY: SUMMER IN THE STREAM                                                                                                           I am super excited to offer Stream sessions again this year!  This fun set includes props such as the raft, crate and more!  2 dates available.  Take a look at some of my favorites from last year.  This session is for children ages 2 and older please!  

TOTAL INVESTMENT: $250  15 edited digital images                                                                   BOOK HERE:



JUNE: FITNESS JOURNEY                                                                                                                          What has defined your last “year”? Was it a weight loss journey? Or perhaps you want a six pack – or more?  Working out, eating right – There are so many inspirational stories out there – and so many that document it via social media. I love this so much. This session – is for you!  I’ll tell ya – I am certainly in awe.  My life doesn’t seem to allow this yet myself.  I have shot a few sessions for this purpose now – but I am obsessed. Obsessed with successes and the emotional ride of these journeys. So now –  Let’s document YOU.  Let’s take it away from the cell phone images and social media for a moment – get you in front of my camera and let me show you how beautiful you are!  Men, women – there is no limit to how built or just fit you must be for these sessions!  Let’s show you off.  Unfortunately, I do not have any photos to show for this one.  It is a completely new genre for me!

TOTAL INVESTMENT: $200  15 edited digital images                                                                  BOOK NOW:


MAY-AUGUST: Sports. Dance. Music. Heros.  The ARTS.                                                               Inspiring to the max.  Let’s take your creative passion and incorporate that into a session for you.  These shoots are minis – but done on a case by case basis.  Location matters here.  So let’s see what we can come up with.

TOTAL INVESTMENT: $250  15 edited digital image                                                                     BOOK HERE:



APRIL-AUGUST: PETS                                                                                                                              Our fur babies are apart of our family too!  This shoot is designed specifically to show off your furry family member.  Not limited to specific types of animals… I love them all!


TOTAL INVESTMENT: $200  15 edited digital images                                                                   BOOK NOW:





CAKE SMASH MINI                                                                                                                                   A mini version of the full cake smash.  This option is for JUST for smashing the cake!  

TOTAL INVESTMENT: $275  15 edited digital image                                                                     BOOK HERE:




JULY-AUGUST: BEACH (LIDO)                                                                                                            OK – so I wasn’t going to do these this year.  After a few requests, I am opening a few spots between July and August – during the week.  These are individual mini sessions done at Lido approx 6:30-7:30 (depending on date start time can be anywhere in that time frame).

TOTAL INVESTMENT: $225  15 edited digital images                                                                   BOOK HERE:




NEWBORN LIFESTYLE                                                                                                                        The most talked about mini session yet. This is perfect for those that love this style.  No beanbags, no posing, no backdrops. Pure. Natural. Simple. A.M. sessions done in your home using items in your home over the course of about 2 hours.  This requires more natural parent and sibling interaction as well. It is a passion of mine to be able to bring these sessions to you, and I am thrilled to be offering them at a deep discount for this year! 

TOTAL INVESTMENT: $400  20 edited digital images                                                                 BOOK HERE:



SEPT-OCT: HOLIDAY MINIS                                                                                                                           Please email me to be placed on a waiting list for the official announcement.


YOUR OWN MINI BLOCK!                                                                                                                      For years I have always offered this, but never really put it out there for everyone to see.  Don’t want to travel far to do a specific set?   Well, this would be perfect for you!  If you have a set of 4 or more groups/family units to do these minis, I will come to you!  *Your location, your friends and your family.  Discounted in a mini bundle.  Catch?  At least four need to book in order to make this price point work.  So, if you see a specific session type, as an example – dance minis – and you live in Poughkeepsie, and have a great location to shoot – we can set that up!  OR,  we can make up our own session type!  You live on a farm, and want a shoot there, we can totally do that as well!  (Yes please!)  Makes more sense for one person to travel over the others, right?  The possibilities are endless!  Grandparent/generation sessions, mommy (Or daddy) & me, service (PD, FDNY, Military) family and so many more!   If you want a session in a different location, or if you want to set up a date/location for your family and friends, you can email me anytime here, or you can use the contact tab somewhere here on the page.

*MINI Sessions will be available to purchase starting 02/03/2017*

Full session types of any of the above sessions are available here:

and here:                                                     

*NEW*  PAST CLIENTS: Take $100 off your session fee!  Contact me for a coupon code.    (Does not apply to Newborn sessions at this time, sorry!)

*All location fees (tolls, parking, photography permits) are the responsibility of the client.