Extreme Cuteness; It is a sport | Long Island Newborn Photographer

I found out about mom & dad’s pregnancy when I did a photo shoot for the family for the holidays last year.  Soon after, dad’s sister contacted me.  The family wanted to surprise them at the shower with a session by me!   I was ecstatic.  I like to have time to plan my sessions!  I usually like to add a little something new as well.

The shower day came, and sis showed me a gift she got.  Dad is into extreme sports.  This was the perfect rocker!  I knew from that moment that we HAD to incorporate that into the session.  This meant doing a composite shot.  I used three images to put this baby together.

LucasTravis (36) copy

Happy I was able to pull off the “cool rocker shot”, I still wanted to capture a mixture of posed and docustyle shots.

You know it wouldn’t be a newborn session, if there wasn’t a little crying.  These sessions are long!  I know I was tired!

4 copy

Having a newborn session booked in advance has it’s advantages.  Not only can I find new props, but I can plan out cute little items, such as this hat made by Avella Threads. Custom made!  Book in advance and get one of these bad boys!  Well, just as long as you get me the name.
LucasTravis (35) copy

They will only be this little once. Look at his hand in mom’s.  Surely something to treasure through the years.

3 copy

This is one of my favorite poses.  I do try to capture this every session.  The brown complimented his skin nicely.  It just so happened that it matched mom’s furniture too!

LucasTravis (20) copy

Another of my favorite shots.  In dad’s hands.  I have been capturing this shot since I started newborn photography.  (OK, maybe with the second session).  I do different variations, but if the parents are in the photos, you can almost guarantee a version of this one is in there!

2 copy

LucasTravis (3)

1 copy

Well, this image.  If mom, dad and I are looking at it – we all know why the huge smile on dad’s face.  Let’s just say it was messy.  Apparently Lucas thought so as well!

LucasTravis (37) copy

LucasTravis (39) copy

LucasTravis (43) copy

Last but not least, we go with a smile.  🙂LucasTravis (6) copy


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