Morning with TWINS | Queens LifeStyle Photographer

I know, so far and few in between.  I would think that I am a writer of sorts, as  I can get my feelings on paper quite easily – but when I sit to write about a particular session?  I go blank.  My issue is that I look at the images and then skip the words when I read posts.  Why?  For me it is time.  But,  I definitely don’t want to be that blogger who writes “I am so happy I could capture their session”, and leave it at that!  Part of my blogging journey, will hopefully be consistency, and learning to make the posts something to help bring you into the world that I am shooting.  I have so much to share!  If I can get “my format” down, then I can share more with you here!  More than Facebook!  We all want to see pretty pictures, right?

Mom messaged me about an idea she had.  It sounded crazy to her, I suppose.  But little did she know (Until I told her immediately of course), that this is something I wish to do more often in my photography.  She suggested a three hour span documenting her littles, before they grow out of the “baby” phase.  YES!

We decided on July 4th, since we were all off.  We would start when the babies woke up by 7 – and just go through their normal morning, until nap time around 10am.  Of course, as any mom knows, the schedule didn’t go 100% as planned.  One baby slept later, throwing us off just a little bit.  Their daily routine is something any parent would treasure!  I know capturing it, I certainly did.

Trying to decide which images to share from our three hours together, was difficult.  How to showcase the better part of 400 images without being ridiculous?  Hopefully, I have brought you into their world just a little bit with the images I’ve selected.

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